One year on.

Wow I just looked at the date and realised a year ago to the day Cho and I held hands (very macho) running into the Atlantic Ocean at the end of our 860-day expedition.

The night before I’d collapsed at the side of the road from exhaustion and then we nailed the final 75 kilometers in 17 hours. It remains the happiest day of my life.

A few months later we brought Cho over to the UK (it took a couple of well-worded letters from Sir Ranulph Fiennes and Michael Palin to the British Ambassador in Lima to swing it!) and he has a great few months over here living up in the country with my mum and playing a bit of rugby at my local club. He even got “Overseas Player of the Year”. Nice touch lads.

Cho’s back in the jungle now with his dad but hopes to return to England next year. I’m planning my next expedition to another far flung part of the globe – and start pitching for sponsorship in September. Life is great – I can’t complain at all – but there is a bit of me itching to get out of London now. A year is a long time.



  1. Loving the work ed, you have inspired many people along the way, thankyou for all that you do. its great to have a person to look upto these days.

  2. What a fantastic anniversary to celebrate, Ed! To accomplish what you did — with the help of Cho and friends — is remarkable to even dream about! I’m still waiting for the documentary to be shown here in the States, so my ideas of what you endured only come from your postings and website. Again — Bravo! Looking forward very much to your next adventure!!

  3. Happy anniversary I hope Cho will be celebrating at home too.
    Looking forward to your next adventure xx

  4. Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations Ed! And what an uplifting post during these few dark days in what used to be our wonderful and civilised country.
    I would be delighted to sponsor you on your next exploration, therefore please do remember to approach me for what is needed. Pearly x

  6. Congratulations Ed!! Waiting to know about your new expedition!!

    Rgds from Mallorca!

  7. Quite by chance i just finished reading your book, not even knowing any thing about your achievement or the significance of the dates when I read it. What an amazing and uplifting journey you and Cho undertook. Congratulations and I look forward to following your next exped!!

  8. What a year it has been as well for both you and Cho.
    Not suprised you’re itching to get going again!
    I may not be able to give you a huge amount but you can count on me for a regular monthly donation for your new adventure if you want it.
    I can’t believe that it’s almost 4 years since my ‘love affair’ with Peru began and that trawling the internet looking for Peru based items led me to discover your fantastic expidition.
    You truely are a lovely guy and an inspiration to us all especially in these dark times.
    I’m looking forward to my next trip to Peru at the end of September.
    And I look forward to your next adventure and being able to share in it with you even in a small way

  9. Ed

    Just finished reading your book this morning. What a remarkable journey. Very inspirational.

    I hope you are equally successful in your next adventure.

  10. Having spent some time in the Amazon in 1965-66, I think what you accomplished was
    extraordinary. Joe Kane and a Pole named Chimelinski, however, did a version of what you did (spent more time on the water-less time walking) in 1985. I think they deserve
    a great deal of credit for their exploit which was another series of firsts.

  11. Ed,

    I am from Ireland and I have just finished reading your book today. I just had to email you to say that both you and Cho are truely inspirational people. I now have the belief than anything is possible. Well done and best of luck in your new adventure. I will be following your progress and I will be delighted to make a donation next year.

    Kind Regards,

  12. great job Ed and cho,,,,,,,,,,i am big fan of u………your adventerous journey is very inspirational and desire…..waiting for ur nxt adventure………

  13. Hi ed can’t believe it’s been a year hope your next trip is as much of a success as the amazon im looking forward to finding out what it is.
    Ps. You probably don’t remember the beer I offered you at the end of your show in Barnstaple the offers still there if your back in the area at any time
    Cheers keep up the good work

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