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Scouts Ambassador

To me, Scouts and adventure are synonymous. I was a cub and a scout in Leicestershire as a boy and consider it a key component in my upbringing that led me to a life as an expedition leader and explorer. Scouts is where kids and adults can come and have an adventure and a laugh doing something constructive. It’s where young people can become independent – learning and practicing outdoor skills that will stand them in excellent stead for the rest of their lives. Its where I developed a deep affinity with nature that will never leave me.

I loved my time in the Scouts and I’m proud to be in the thick of it again volunteering.

To volunteer as an adult leader or to become a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer Scout, or to join the Scout network (all dependent on your age) click here.




Wet Wheels is a fully accessible powerboat based at Gunwharf Quays Marina in Portsmouth. Run by Yachtsman of the Year Geoff Holt it takes disabled and special needs kids out on extraordinary experiential boat trips.

A trip on Wetwheels can result in more sensory and emotional stimuli in just one hour than some guests experience in a year of routine care provision. For more info go to


Patron of CCFA.

The CCFA was formed with a view to closing the gap between impoverished communities and surrounding luxury ‘pods’ developed for the tourism industry. This grant-giving non-profit organisation educates and empowers local communities, enabling them to become leaders in driving sustainable wildlife management systems in place on the ground. 

The CCFA believe that it is our responsibility as beneficiaries of an economy that is built around a unique environment of natural wildlife and resources, to ensure its sustainability.

The diversity of cultures and varying scales of education or lack thereof in rural African communities pose a challenge to economic growth outside of city living. The CCFA has identified the integral role that these diverse communities play in maintaining a cohesive ecosystem between man and his natural environment. We have developed wildlife management programs that can be adopted by rural communities to empower people as individuals and to preserve both the wildlife and the viability of tourism in Africa.

Find out more about the work the CCFA do by visiting their website

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