Scouts Ambassador

What is the point of adventure? Is it all hedonism or adrenaline-seeking? I think not. There can be purpose to slamming the front door behind you and throwing yourself at life.

To me, Scouts and adventure are synonymous. I was a cub and a scout in Leicestershire as a boy and consider it a key component in my upbringing that led me to a life as an expedition leader and explorer. Scouts is where kids and adults can come and have an adventure and a laugh doing something constructive. It’s where young people can become independent – learning and practicing outdoor skills that will stand them in excellent stead for the rest of their lives. Its where I developed a deep affinity with nature that will never leave me.

I loved my time in the Scouts and I’m proud to be in the thick of it again volunteering.

To volunteer as an adult leader or to become a Beaver, Cub, Scout, Explorer Scout, or to join the Scout network (all dependent on your age) click here.

British Exploring Society Patron

I’m very excited about being asked to be a patron of the British Exploring Society. In a lazy world of Playstation and Xbox it takes an amazing organisation to drag young people into the wilds. Expeditions are so much more than holidays – they are a vital part personal development and bring out real character and values in people of all ages. Long may it continue.


Wet Wheels Ambassador

Wet Wheels is a fully accessible powerboat based at Gunwharf Quays Marina in Portsmouth. Run by Yachtsman of the Year Geoff Holt it takes disabled and special needs kids out on extraordinary experiential boat trips.

Sometimes, you don’t need a reason to do something. Sometimes, it is enough just to get away from it all and take time-out from everyday activity. A change of situation is often just enough to recharge your batteries and, albeit for a short period of time, give you a different perspective on life.

Although rarely recognised by funding bodies, we strongly believe that just being on the water is as life-enhancing and as good for your mental well-being as playing any sport.  The fresh air, the change of scenery, the different view of reality, looking back towards land, it enlivens the senses and stimulates the mind.

A trip on Wetwheels can result in more sensory and emotional stimuli in just one hour than some guests experience in a year of routine care provision. For more info go to